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Efficiently, sustainably, together!

Energy and material leap is an online service that encourages all Finns – both communities and individuals – to adopt resource-saving, cleaner and more energy-efficient ways of heating, moving and producing goods and services.

The leaps in this service are real actions and solutions that have already made Finland more energy- and material-efficient. When we implement these good examples in every home, municipality and workplace, their impact will multiply.

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Voit etsiä loikkia yhdellä tai useammalla hakusanalla. Haku kohdistuu loikkien sisältöön ja metatietoihin, kuten kategorioihin, asiasanoihin ja sijaintiin. Hakemalla esimerkiksi "energialoikka porvoo" löytyvät kaikki Porvoon kaupungista raportoidut energialoikat. You can search for leaps matching one or more terms. The search targets both content and metadata such as categories, keywords, and location. For example, by searching for "energy leap Porvoo" you will find all the energy leaps reported in the city of Porvoo.