Ii purchasing 5 electric cars Hinku Award 4/2014

Ii will further strengthen its positive approach as a pioneer in renewable energy when the municipality, in cooperation with the real estate company Iilaakso Oy and the development company Micropolis Oy, order a total of five electric cars for the staff to use in work related driving. The introduction of electric cars aims to encourage others in the region to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions and driving costs, and to promote the development of an electric charging system in the area. In the first phase, five medium-speed charging points and one public quick-charging station are planned.

The decision to purchase electric vehicles is related to the energy investment support applied by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. Investment support covers 30% of the principal of the vehicles lease payments for three years. In addition, the energy investment support covers 35% of the cost of constructing recharging points. Separate measuring devices will be installed on all vehicles covered by the Energy Investment Support to collect technology-related information as part of the electric vehicles research program made by Tekes. In addition, vehicle users participate in a user survey as part of the eligibility criteria.

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