The Energy and Material Leap is an online service that encourages all Finns – both communities and individuals – to adopt resource-saving, cleaner and more energy-efficient ways of heating, moving and producing goods and services.

The leaps in this service are real actions and solutions that have already made Finland more energy- and material-efficient. When we implement these good examples in every home, municipality and workplace, their impact will multiply.

A good energy or material leap is often also economically sensible. In many of the examples in this service, the investment pays back in a few years and the investment yields a hefty return on the investment. So we can save both nature and money at the same time.

Anyone can add their good examples to the service. When you tell about your own leap to the users of this service or to your neighbors, friends and colleagues, it will encourage others to take action and our journey towards a carbon-neutral and material-efficient society will be shortened.

The Energy and Material Leap service is maintained by the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). The development of a pilot version received funding from the Finnish Government’s key project KIRA-digi for boosting the digitalisation of the built environment and construction sector. Later development has been funded by three EU Life-projects: Circwaste, EconomisE and Canemure.

Finnish Environment Institute SYKE
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