Adjusting normal flow of faucets in Asema and Ojakylä schools, Ii

Asema and Ojakylä schools are involved in the EU project 50/50. In these schools energy groups were created to follow the school’s energy consumption.

One of the things to watch for is water consumption. Pupils have measured the flow of schools water points as one project. Based on the results, the flows have been adjusted in cooperation with property maintenance so that flows match with reference values.

This adjustment lead into 2000 kWh/a energy savings. One of most important things is that pupils get used to thinking about energy and its usage, which leads to possible energy savings later in their life.

Pupils of Asema school are involved in 50/50 activity to measure energy

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The leap archive of Ii.
The leap archive of project Towards Carbon Neutral Municipalities (Hinku).


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