Changing school heating method from oil to geothermal, Ii Alaranta

Alaranta school heating method was changed from oil to geothermal. The geothermal project was a successful and the monitoring of consumption has been done with egauge (real-time electricity monitoring system).

Example of eGauge view

Alaranta schools main building was built in 1982 and restored old school in 2012, the main building has the original heating network and the original radiator valves. The restored old school has water circulation floor heating. In the main building, the ventilation units are supply air units without heat recovery and the exhaust ventilation is done with a roof fan (networks design temperatures  are 70/40). The additional backup heat is produced in an old oil boiler, but during the heating season 2012-2013 there was no need to use any oil to produce additional heat.

Alaranta school covered in snow at winter

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The leap archive of Ii.
The leap archive of project Towards Carbon Neutral Municipalities (Hinku).


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