Deeds of the municipality of Ii to reduce oil heating Hinku Award 9/2013

HINKU act of  September 2013  has been selected to be municipality of Ii’s fight to reduce oil heating. The municipality has systematically transferred properties from oil heating to geothermal and wood chips. The prize comes from the exchange of heating for four schools and five row houses.

The municipality has outlined its HINKU goal to get rid of oil heating. The main reasons are the reduction of emissions and costs. Oil heating is no longer profitable in today’s Finland, but it is already economically viable to invest in your own renewable energy. In addition, for example, with wood chips, the money stays in the municipality or nearby areas instead of going directly out of the municipality with oil bills. The total emission reduction of the targets is close to 500 tCO2e per year, which corresponds to an annual emission of approximately 40-50 persons. The financial savings are estimated to be around 160,000€ per year, which is already an amount that can be noticed the municipal operating costs.

Ii has moved toward renewable energy and getting rid of fossil fuels

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The leap archive of project Towards Carbon Neutral Municipalities (Hinku).


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