Local newspaper challenges people to eco-action

The eco-action challenge Pieni ekoteko was conceived when the editorial staff of the Nurmes-based local newspaper Ylä-Karjala started to plan a recycling event. The newspaper’s staff discussed how they could induce a more wide-ranging impact on the promotion of environmental matters. The challenge campaign started off with the newspaper’s own eco-action, after which the challenge was passed to the pre-school group of the local Porokylä School. Each party challenged has implemented a small eco-action and challenged another organisation to do the same. Ylä-Karjala has published news articles about the performed eco-actions.

The first eco-action launched in August 2018 and since then, numerous parties have carried out their own actions and passed the challenge to companies in particular. The local newspaper will continue publishing stories about the eco-actions as long as new companies are challenged, and they are able to perform eco-actions. The eco-actions implemented this far include waste sorting, utilisation of surplus goods, reduction of electricity consumption, lighting, promotion of commuting by bike, reduction of food losses and lubrication of forest machinery saw blades with Vaseline instead of oil.

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Tuire Haverinen, Subeditor



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