ResQ Club: A mobile app preventing food waste

ResQ Club mobile app. Photo: ResQ Club

ResQ Club, founded in 2016, is a Finnish technology company whose goal is to stop throwing food away. ResQ Club is a mobile application that allows customers to buy surplus food from restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores at a generous discount. In this equation everyone wins: the merchant saves on waste handling costs and gets extra sales, the customer gets food at a discounted price and nature is grateful!

Food waste is perhaps the most foolish form of waste. Not only that completely edible and good food is thrown away, it also wastes all the resources used for food production such as cultivation, logistics, warehousing and merchant work. Throwing food away is simply, well, bit dumb.

We want to make rescuing food the easiest way to eat. Ideally, the food is ready to be eaten, retrievable along the route, and additionally low-priced. Portions and locations are easily found on the mobile application map and the payment goes directly from the payment card.

We are currently operating in Finland and Sweden, and in small scale in Germany. We are constantly looking for new partners and club members to save the world with us!

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