The “paikallista” badge indicates resource wisdom, Ii

“Paikallista” means local

Local companies have pledged to use resources in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and to reduce their carbon footprint. 45 companies are involved.

The “Paikallista” brands company has its headquarters in Ii and employs entrepreneur from Ii or several citizens from Ii. The Paikallista Company is committed to promoting Iis resource wisdom, which means the ability to use diverse resources thoughtfully and in a way that promotes well-being and sustainable development.

The Paikallista brand is being developed jointly by Ii Entrepreneurs Association, Kuivaniemi Entrepreneurs Association and Micropolis Oy, which is responsible for developing the municipal livelihoods. More information:

Paikallista brand has headquartes in Ii

Organisations & projects

The leap archive of Ii.
The leap archive of project Towards Carbon Neutral Municipalities (Hinku).


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