Water savings without comfort compromises in Laitalan Lomat

Laitalan lomat is an accommodation and tourism service company hosting about 3000 visitors annually. The company is situated in Valtimo, North-Karelia, Finland. Their water consumption has been over 300 m3, and there are six showers and eight WCs in the premises. In 2021 new water saving fittings and installations were invested in, including modern constant flow aerators in taps, constant flow shower heads and dual flush toilets and pressure adjusting.

New and old flow aerators for taps


“Our water consumption has indeed been rather high.”

“Each cubic meter costs.”

Translated comments from Hanna Nevalainen, entrepreneur, Laitalan Lomat


Typically, these installations bring 25 % savings in private households and 25-35 % in public properties for both water and energy, tells Markus Heikkinen from Innotek Ltd., the company providing the solutions. Water saving with these solutions, however, does not affect the comfort or practicality.

According to the estimation of at least 25 % savings in water use Laitalan lomat will save over 75 cubic meters of water annually. Saving in water reduces energy, clean water and wastewater costs. In addition, the lesser the water poured in the sewers, the lesser the wastewater loads to waste management plan are.

The realized volume of water and amount of energy and money saved with the installations are to be seen in the future.

Tap flow meter


Read more about the water saving solutions from Innotek Oy homepage – http://www.innotek.fi/ and from http://www.energo.fi/en/

See the video of Laitalan Lomat here


CBC NatureBeST -Green Nature Based Solutions in Tourism to reduce negative impact on the environment.

Karelia CBC is a Finnish-Russian cross-border collaboration program promoting attractiveness of the region. It is funded by the European Union, Republic of Finland and the Russian Federation


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